Frequently Asked Questions      


Q. Do I have to have fast pitch experience to tryout?

A. No. All are encouraged and welcome to try out! Although those that have experience playing fast pitch have a better chance.  


Q. Can I play for other teams if I make the school team?

A. Yes. However, the expectation for all players is that the school team takes precedent over ALL town leagues, travel, all stars, AAU etc…  


Q. Can I play slow pitch for the town if I am on the school team?

A. No. Fast pitch is a completely different game than slow pitch in terms of hitting, rules, strategy & speed of play. Playing both will negate all the hard work put in during each school practice and hinder your performance.  


Q. How many players make the team?

A. It may vary from year to year.  Normally the range will typically be in the area of 16-20 girls.  


Q. Do sixth graders make the team?

A. Yes. However there will be only a few 6th grades that will be chosen do to the size and strength of the competition that they will be facing.  


Q. When is practice?

A. We practice every non game day once the season begins.  Practices run from 2:25 to 4:30pm or otherwise noted. Practice will be held at the fields behind the school.    


Q. Where, when & what time does the team play its home games?

A. Home games are played at Foster Field with a usual start time of 3:15- Normally game days are Tuesday & Thursday- but that is subject to change.  


Q. Do players who were on the team the previous year automatically make the team the next season?

A. No. Nobody is guaranteed a roster spot.  The team is decided on a year by year basis based on how hard the players work and what is best for the team.  


Q. Does everyone play in the games?

A. No.  There are no minimum playing requirements and there will be times when players do not see any game time.  But all players are actively engaged in practices and have opportunities to earn playing time by working hard and competing in practice.  


Q. Do I have to buy my own bat & helmet?

A. No. The team will supply both but if you choose to bring your own helmet it must meet ASA requirements & have a protective face cage. The bat will vary in length and weight for each player but make sure that it made for fast pitch softball. You do have to have your own glove and cleats.  


Q. If I tried out for another sport this year do I need to hand in all the forms?

A. A player only needs to hand in the Assumption of Risk, Sports Participation, and Athlete's Pledge once.  So, if you tried out for another team you only need to hand in the softball specific forms.  (ie. Grade Sheet and Team Agreement)  


Q. If I try out for the team and I am cut, what does that mean?

A. Making cuts if the most difficult part of the job for a coach- but it has to be done when there is a high number of people who try out for the team. Each coach looks for different things in terms of skill set, intelligence, effort, attitude etc. If you are cut and you are a 6th or 7th grader- work hard over the summer and try out the following year. If you are an 8th grader- work hard and then try out for the high school team- GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!