Helpful Resources



Why Do They Act That Way?- A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen

      by: David Walsh, Ph.D                    

Positive Discipline for Teenagers: Empowering Your Teen and

    Yourself through Kind and Firm Parenting  by: Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., and Lynn Lott, M.A.

Healing Your Grieving Heart - For Teens   by: Alan D. Wolfelt, PH.D

*   You Are Not Alone-  Teens Talk About Life After the Loss of a Parent   by: Lynne B. Hughes

*    Disconnected- Parenting Teens in a MySpace World   by: Chap Clark an Dee Clark

*   A Parent's Guide to Asperger Syndrome and High- Functioning Autism  by: Sally Ozonoff, Phd

      Geraldine Dawson, PhD James McPartland

*   Odd Girl Out- The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls  by: Rachel Simmons

 Asperger's Syndrome- A Guide for Parents and Professionals  by: Tony Attwood

*   Fighting Invisible Tigers- A Stress Management Guide For Teens  by: Earl Hipp

*   Real Boys   by: William Pollack, Ph.D
*   Straight Talk About Death For Teenagers:  How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love by: Earl A 


 *   Reviving Ophelia:  Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls  by: Mary Pipher, Phd
 *   A Tribe Apart: A Journey into the Heart of American Adolescence  by: Patricia Hersch
 *  Our Last Best Shot:  Guiding Our Children Through Early Adolescence   by: Laura Sessions Stepp

 * Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers:  How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love By: Earl Grollman



If you are a parent, teacher or coach looking for information on ADHD,  the following website has some free material that can help. An "ADHD Roadmap" is available that explains 4 steps that you can take to better understand a child with ADHD.   


The organization "Friend's Way"  is a local group who has programs supporting grieving children, teens, young adults,

 and families.  This website will give you contact information on local meetings.