ASFMS Accomplishments

Celebrating OUR School!

Students get their hands on science (Kent County Times 2/17/18)

Spirit Week: Anything Goes (Slideshow)

Everglades Team Science Expo with Tiogue (Slideshow)

Spirit Week: Decades Day (Slideshow)

Spirit Week: Twin/Triplet Day (Slideshow)

Spirit Week: Pajamas Day (Slideshow)

Spirit Week: Crazy Day (Slideshow)

Boys Basketball 8th Graders Honored (Slideshow)

Ugly Sweater Day (Slideshow)

ASFMS Holiday Bread Campaign (Slideshow)

8th Grade CHS Career Fair (Slideshow)

Hour of Code - Everglades Team (Slideshow)

ASFMS Food Drive 2017 (Slideshow)

They're Unified (Kent County Times)

Students vs. Faculty Soccer Game 2017 (Slideshow - by Annie Printer)

ASFMS Salute to Veterans Night (Slideshow)

ASFMS Pink Out 2017 (Slideshow)

Dance, Dance Falcons 2017-18 (An ASFMS Staff Production)

PTSA Walk-a-Thon 10/19/17 (Slideshow)

7-8th Grade Mini Lock-In (Slideshow)

6th Grade Locker Night (Slideshow)

Falcon Fun Night (Slideshow)

Great Teachers (Kent County Times)

Rekha Saran - ASFMS Teacher of the Year 2016-17

Rick Frigon - ASFMS Crystal Apple Award Winner 2016-17

Brian Skalski - ASFMS Crystal Apple Award Winner 2016-17

ASFMS Accomplishments Video 2016-17

ASFMS End of the Year Celebration (Slideshow)

Field Day 2017 (Slideshow)

Incoming 6th Grade Step Up Night (Slideshow)

National Junior Honor Society Night (Slideshow)

NEED Project Awards - Mrs. Grandchamp & Mrs. Peitros's Classes (Slideshow) - About the NEEDS Project

Middle school principal to leave position (Kent County Times 5/31/17)

ASFMS Special Olympics Send Off (Slideshow)

Everglades Team Egypt Museum (Slideshow)

Instant Success (Kent County Times 5/12/17)

Showcase 2017 (Slideshow - Photos by Annie Printer)

New England Secondary School Consortium Conference Presentation 2017 (Slideshow)

Read-a-thon Day (Slideshow)

Read-a-thon Student Book Talks

Dr. Lisi - 2017 Champion Award from the New England Secondary School Consortium (Slideshow)

Lion King Jr. by Justine Lavigne (Slideshow)

Lion King Jr. by Amy Lavigne (Slideshow)

Lion King Jr. - 3/4/17 Saturday Afternoon Showing (Slideshow)

February Fever Tournament 2017

Jen Kilduff Golden Apple Award (

Fit for a 'King' (Kent County Times - Coventry Courier (digital version))

Lion King Jr. Preview (Slideshow)

Spirit Week Anything Goes (Slideshow)

Spirit Week Throwback Thursday (Slideshow)

Spirit Week Crazy Day (Slideshow)

Spirit Week Twin/Triplet Day (Slideshow)

Spirit Week Pajama Day (Slideshow)

Falcon Pride Assembly (Slideshow)

Falcon Pride Assembly (Video)

ASFMS Geography Bee 2017 - Congratulations Champion Matthew Smith! (Slideshow)

Mini Lock-In 1-13-17 (Slideshow - Photos by Holly Asermely)

Hat Day Fundraiser 1-20-17 (Slideshow)

Holiday Music Concert 2016 (Slideshow)

CS4RI (Slideshow - 12/14/16)

ASFMS hosts career and tech fair (Kent County Times)

ASFMS Career and Tech Fair 2016 (Slideshow)

Middle schooler becomes rep for PTSA at ASFMS (Kent County Times)

ASFMS Dodgeball Tournament Champions 2016

Students get hands dirty in Garden Club (Kent County Times 11/11/16)

Student vs. Faculty Soccer Game (Slideshow)

Pink Out 2016 (Slideshow)

Mini Lock-In Fall 2016 (Slideshow)

Welcome Wagon at FMS (Kent County Times 8/26/16)

End of the Year Presentation (by Wendy Bettez)

Summer Steps Get Started (Kent County Times 6/18/16)

Field Day 2016 (Slideshow)

Ready to Step Up (Kent County Times 6/14/16)

7th Grade Lake Compounce Trip 2016 (Slideshow)

Step Up Night 2016 (Slideshow)

Engineering Design & 21st Century Learning (RIDE Blog - Abby Paon - Teacher of the Year)

A Truly Special Sendoff (Kent County Times 6/6/16)

For Feinstein's Albrecht, honor is humbling (Kent County Times 6/4/16)

Special Olympics Send Off (Slideshow)

Some Gave All (Kent County Times 5/30/16)

Showcase 2016 (Slideshow)

Mrs. Skwirz and Taylor's Classes Visited Wicked Tulip Farm (Slideshow)

ASFMS Special Olympic Athletes at Hendricken 4/30 (Slideshow)

ASFMS Band and Chorus Field Trip to Boston (Slideshow)

ASFMS Read-a-Thon 2016 (Slideshow)

High School Musical Jr. - Studio (2016)

High School Musical Jr. - Slideshow 3 (2016)

High School Musical Jr. Slideshow 2 (2016)

High School Musical Jr. Slideshow 1 (2016)

High School Musical at FMS (Kent County Times 3/2/16)

Spirit Week - Anything Goes (Slideshow)

Spirit Week - School Colors Day (Slideshow)

Spirit Week - Decade/Formal Day (Slideshow)

Spirit Week - Twin/Triplet Day (Slideshow)

Spirit Week - Crazy Day 2016 (Slideshow)

Books Against Bullying (Kent County Times 2/2/16)

Robotics Rewarded at FMS (Kent County Times 12/24/15)

ASFMS Force Awakens (Kent County Times 12/23/15)

Generation On Joy Maker Challenge (

Code no secret for FMS students (Kent County Times 12/16/15)

ASFMS Food Drive 2015 (Slideshow)

RI State House Holiday Performance (Video)

ASFMS Food Drive - Pajama Day 2015 (Slideshow)

Real Bread Winners at Feinstein (Kent County Times 12/9/15)

Feinstein MS students show they've got sole (Kent County Times 12/7/15)

Feinstein Squared (Kent County Times 11/24/15)

Tribute to Service (Kent County Times 11/10/15)

Lisi honored for commitment to FMS guidance (Kent County Times 11/4/15)

ASFMS Pink Out for Breast Cancer Research 2015 (Slideshow)

CNN Student News Roll Call - ASFMS 2015 (Video)

Student Council Fall Lock-In 2015 (Slideshow)

Drink & Dabble Media Center Fundraiser 2015 (Slideshow)

NAACP head schools FMS students (Kent County Times 10/14/15)

Feinstien PTSA in nation's top class (Kent County Times 9/21/15)

6th Grade Locker Night (Slideshow)

Abby Paon - District Teacher of the Year (Picture)

ASFMS Softball Champions Proclamation (Slideshow 2015)

ASFMS Garden Club Work Day (Slideshow July 2015)

Paon honored as school's Teacher of Year (Kent County Times)

Summer Starts in Coventry (Kent County Times 6/27/15)

ASFMS Accomplishments 2014-15 (Video)

ASFMS Field Day (Slideshow)

Mr. Blanchette's Civil War Demonstration (Slideshow)

Drink & Dabble @ Olde Theater Diner (Slideshow)

E.L.L. Family Night (Slideshow)

Step Up Night (Slideshow)

National Junior Honor Society Ceremony (Slideshow)

ASFMS Athletes - Special Olympics 2015 (Slideshow)

Falcon Pride Day - Special Olympics Send Off (Slideshow)

Middle school says thanks to local veterans (Kent County Times 5/29/15)

Feinstein continuing with NextGen personalized learning initiative (Kent County Times 5/19/15)

Pair of Feinstein students earn state awards (Kent County Times 5/18/15)

Singing in the Springtime (Kent County Times 5/16/15)

Special Olympics - ASFMS Athletes (Slideshow)

Feinstein club lets girls be themselves (Kent County Times 5/12/15)

Team, teacher recognized for their efforts (Kent County Times 5/4/15)

Feinstein student fights for animals (Kent County Times 5/1/15)

Reed and Robo-Kids (Kent Tounty Times 4/23/15)

Band Chorus NYC Trip April 2015 (Slideshow)

Falcons Flying (Kent County Times)

ASFMS Slideshow Presentation to the School Committee (4/7/15)

Mr. Larguinho's student, Grace Starosciak, presents her screencast to the School Committee (4/715)

ASFMS Cheerleaders & Coach Pulano present on Growth Mindset to the School Committee (4/7/15)

Reading "Otten'-T Be a Chore (Kent County Times 4/7/15)

FMS students benefit others with blankets (Kent County Times 4/6/15)

Wear Yellow for Seth (Slideshow 3/27/15)

FMS selected for initiative (Kent County Times 3/26/15)

Beauty and the Beast Bonus (Slideshow)

Beauty and the Beast Costumes (Slideshow)

Beauty and the Beast Cast Party (Slideshow)

Beauty and the Beast Show - Saturday (Slideshow)

Beauty and the Beast Show - Friday Night's Show (Slideshow)

Beauty and the Beast - Backstage (Slideshow)

Beauty and the Beast at FMS (Kent County Times 3/6/15)

Falcon Pride Gets Call Back (Kent County Times 2/16/15)

This is Your Life - Are You Who You Want to Be? - David Place 2014-15 (Video)

Spirit Week Team Cool Collage Contest 2014-15

Spirit Week Anything Goes 2014-15 (Slideshow)

Spirit Week Team Theme Day - Wolf Clan's Thriller Music Video 2014-15

Spirit Week Team Theme Day - Puma Team's Uptown Funk Music Video 2014-15

Spirit Week Team Theme Day 2014-15 (Slideshow)

Spirit Week Crazy Day 2014-15 (Slideshow)

Spirit Week Twin/Triplet Day 2014-15 (Slideshow)

FMS's Estey feels good about 'B' (Kent County Times 2/11/15)

Feinstein poets win anti-bullying contest (2/10/15)

Feinstein students testing to see where RI ranks (Kent County Times 2/7/15)

Singing Songs of Potential (Kent County Times 1/28/15)

Growth Mindset Kickoff - Host: David Place: Singer/Songwriter (Slideshow 2015 - See Video Here)

6th Grade Mini Lock-In 2015 (Slideshow)

Ms. Skwirz and Ms. Taylor's Classes Field Trip to Whole Foods (Slideshow 2015)

2014 Daily Times Memorable Photos - Pictures To Prove It (Kent County Times 1/1/15)

ASFMS Boys Basketball win the Deering Middle School Tournament (December 2014)

RI Museum of Work and Culture strives to include visitors of all abilities (Projo 12/22/14)

Robots invade FMS (Kent County Times 12/16/14)

Tiny robot teaches ASFMS students how to code (The Providence Journal 12/15/14)

ASFMS Student Council Food Drive (December 2014 - Slideshow)

FMS says thank with sweet treats (Kent County Times 12/9/14)

CABINS (Communities Against Bullying in Schools) Donated $1000 to ASFMS Falcon Pride Committee (December 2014)

Waddell & Reed, Inc. donated $300 to ASFMS Falcon Pride Committee (December 2014)

ASFMS Robotics Team Participated in First Lego League Robotics Competition (December 2014)

ASFMS Students v. Faculty Soccer Game (Fall 2014)

7th Grade Salem Field Trip (Slideshow)

ASFMS Student Council Mini Lock-In Fall 2014 (Slideshow)

Feinstein Students Clean Up Knotty Oak Cemetery (Kent County Times 10/25/14)

Pink Out Day successful at Feinstein MS (Kent County Times 10/11/14)

ASFMS Positively Pink - Supporting Cancer Research (Slideshow 2014)

Coventry schools all in against breast cancer (Kent County Times 10/7/14)

Almeida: Coventry schools will be future ready (Kent County Times 9/29/14)

FMS moving on to second phase of grant (Kent County Times 9/27/14)

Open house gives parents a hands-on look (Kent County Times 9/25/14)

Accelerated Classes: Chromebooks Taking Learning Into the Future (Kent County Times 9/18/14)

Puma Team RISD Museum Field Trip 9/11/14 (Slideshow)

Feels like summer, but back to school (Kent County Times 8/28/14)

Future Falcons Fly In (Kent County Times August 2014)

Uncover & Discover Slideshow (August 2014)

Planting a New Year Slideshow (August 2014)

Feinstein hosts startup event tonight (Kent County Times 8/21/14)

Planting a new year (Kent County Times 8/12/14)

New online programs help some students cut time spent in summer school way down; to be used by all students in fall (Kent County Times 7/22/14)

FMS student has homeless in RI's backs (Kent County Times 7/14/14)

Bettez ready to help lead at Feinstein (Kent County Times 7/12/14)

New Assistant Principal named at Feinstein (Kent County Times 7/10/14)

See Ya Next Year! (Kent County Times 6/21/14)

ASFMS Accomplishments 2013-14 (Presentation)

Award-winning posters pay tribute to life lost too soon (Kent County Times 6/18/14)

ASFMS Softball 2014 State Champions (Slideshow)

Kaci Perry, Mrs. Jeranian's student, Wins Lindsay Ann Burke Teen Dating Violence Poster Contest (2014)

Step Up Night for Incoming 5th Graders 2014 (Slideshow - Video here)

ASFMS Special Olympics Athletes Send Off 2014 (Slideshow)

Feinstein students achieve goal at pasta dinner Friday night (Kent County Times 5/26/14)

Pasta for Poverty (Kent County Times 5/24/14)

Walking the Walk (Kent County Times 5/22/14)

Susan Murphy - Coventry's Teacher of the Year 2014

Molly Brown Doodle 4 Google RI Finalist on the Rhode Show (WPRI 5/5/14)

Rita Stubbs - Ghandi Essay Contest Finalist (URI Center for Nonviolence & Peace 2014)

Doodle Earns FMS Student Big Chance (Kent County Times 5/1/14)

Coventry girl is Doodle 4 Google's state winner (Channel 12 News 4/29/14)

Coventry student finalist in Doodle4Google competition ( 4/29/14)

Robot Block Party ( 4/5/14)

Traveling Planetarium ( 3/20/14)

Planetarium Rolls into Feinstein (Kent County Times 3/20/14)

February Fever Basketball Tournament - Hosted by Mr. Howman & Mr. Kramer (March 2014)

2013-14 Dodgeball Tournament - Hosted by the PE Department (February 2014)

Annie Jr. Slideshow & Slideshow 2 (2/28/14)

Annie Jr. Dress Rehearsal Slideshow (Feb. 2014)

Local School Brings Broadway to Coventry with Annie Jr. ( 2/18/14)

Hard Knock Life (Kent County Times 2/17/14)

Spirit Week 2014 - Pajamas Day Slideshow

Spirit Week 2014 - Twins, Triplets, etc. Day Slideshow

Spirit Week 2014 - Crazy Day Slideshow

Spirit Week 2014 - Theme Day & Anything Goes

Standards for Science Out to Prepare Kids (2/5/14)

Robo-Competitors (Kent County Times 1/13/14)

Ready for Christmas (Kent County Times 12/23/13)

ASFMS Admins Thank Students For Food Drive HELP! ( 12/20/13)

Annual holiday concert gives FMS a chance to celebrate (Kent County Times 12/19/13)

ASFMS Administration Performs for the 2013 Food Drive (Video)

Ugly Sweater Day 2013 (Slideshow)

ASFMS Students Learn Lessons of Hard Work, Determination and Kindness From BMX Star 'K-Rob' ( 12/17/13)

Livin' the Dream (Kent County Times 12/14/13)

Kevin Robinson, 10 Time 'X Games' Medalist to Visit ASFMS Students ( 12/13/13)

Coventry's FMS looks for grant (Kent County Times 12/11/13)

FMS food drive gets a special visitor (Kent County Times 12/4/13)

ASFMS has eyes on prize (11/25/13)

Student v. Faculty Soccer Game (Fall 2013)

ASFMS Wins Hoops for Hearts Fundraising Award (American Heart Association 2012-2013)

Justin Howman: Golden Apple Award Recipient ( Video)

Mr. Howman Receives the Golden Apple Award (Kent County Times 9/26/13)

Teacher Assistant recognized for 25 years of service in Coventry Schools ( 8/8/13)

First Falcon (Kent County Times 7/31/13)

New ASFMS Principal Appointed by School Committee ( 7/27/13)

ASFMS Accomplishments Presentation 2012-2013

Team Everest Transforms Courtyard into Whimsical Classroom ( 7/9/13)

ASFMS Hosts 2013 Athletic Awards Night ( 6/6/13)

Semi-finalist for Letters About Literature (May 2013)

My Favorite Teacher winner chosen (WPRI Rhode Show 4/25/13)

Girl's essay earns teacher a state award (Kent County Times 4/8/13)

Charity basketball game at ASFMS pits cops, teachers (3/12/13)

Door Decorating Contest 2013 (Slideshow)

Spirit Week 2013 (Slideshow)

ASFMS Students Recognized as Published Poets (

ASFMS Students Win Lego Robot Programming Award ( 1/18/13)

Middle School on a Mission (Kent County Times 1/17/13)

Young Einsteins (Kent County Times 1/17/13)

ASFMS Admins Make Good on Promise to Students ( 12/21/12)

ASFMS Students Chosen for All-States ( 12/19/12)

Girls Basketball 'Pink Out Friday' (Kent County Times 12/17/12)

The Ugly Sweater Contest (Slideshow)

The Student Council Holiday Party (Slideshow)

Student Council Food Drive - 12,482 food items!

Lego Legends (Kent County Times 12/5/12)

Anti-Cyberbullying Presentation to Parents (Kent County Times 12/1/12)

Faculty v. Student Soccer Game 2012 (Slideshow)

Meteorologist Kelly Bates visits ASFMS (Slideshow)

P.B.I.S. Kick Off 2012 (Slideshow)

6th Grade Locker Night (Slideshow)

First Day of School 2012-2013 (Slideshow)

Coventry Welcomes Principal Jennifer Roy to ASFMS ( 8/8/12)

Principal Michael Almeida Becomes Assistant Superintendent of Coventry (Kent County Times 7/27/12)

Two New School Asst. Superintendents Appointed ( 7/20/12)

ASFMS 2011-2012 Accomplishments Presentation Video (2011-2012)

ASFMS Summer Book Fair Night at Barnes & Noble: Featuring Mrs. Claflin's Art Class (June 2012)

ASFMS Field Day 2012 (Sponsored by the P.E. Department with MC Rick Frigon)

ASFMS Holds Athletic Awards Night 2012 ( 6/5/12 [Slideshow] [Video])

Radical Robotics (Kent County Times 5/24/12)

FMS' LeBrun named Counselor of the Year (Kent County Times 5/24/12)

Lori LeBrun Named RI School Counselor of the Year ( 5/21/12)

ASFMS Grading and Homework Policy Update Presented (May 2012)

ASFMS Pink Out to Support Breast Cancer (May 2012)

Step Up Night at ASFMS (May 2012)

PPAC Arts Scholarship Winner - Lauren G. (Omega Team)

Ambur L. Publishes First Book ( 4/27/12)

ASFMS Students Selected to Perform in Honor Bands ( 4/17/12)

Council Recognizes Student Achievement ( 4/25/12)

Top Finalist for Ghandi Essay Contest 2012 - Haley M. (URI)

ASFMS Hosts Dodgeball Tournament (See winners)

Feinstein Girls Basketball Win State Championship (Kent County Times 2/16/12)

PE Department Hosts 'Anything Goes' During Spirit Week (Slideshow)

Spirit Week Door Decorating Contest (Slideshow)

Testing Their Metal (Coventry Courier 2/1012)

Feinstein MS students hit it big, get published (Coventry Courier 2/10/12)

The Home Front (Kent County Times 2/10/12)

All About 'Bots (Kent County Times 2/9/12)

Sixth Grade Students at Feinstein Middle School are Published Authors ( 2/9/11)

Feinstein Students' Good Deeds to Benefit the RISPCA ( 2/7/12)

Feinstein Middle School poets hit big time (Kent County Times 2/6/12)

Feinstein Middle School students collect 'Jeans for Teens' ( 2/3/12)

Alan Shawn Feinstein Visits Namesake School to Celebrate Food Collection ( 1/28/12)

ASFMS Geography Bee Winner: Taylor LaSalle (ASFMS Social Studies Department)

An Enriching Activity (Kent County Times)

Fed by Feinstein (Kent County Times 2012)

Teacher Appreciation Ceremony January 2012 (Presentation & Slideshow)

Educators Recognized at ASFMS (1/5/12))

Falcon Closet preys on spirit of giving (12/22/11)

Chris Herren (Former Celtics Player) presents at ASFMS (December 2011)

ASFMS Halloween Lock-In (2011)

Students compete in eInstruction's Classroom Makeover Video Contest (Fall 2011)

Struggling students at ASFMS given more routes to success ( 9/27/11)

New grading policy at middle school (Kent County Times 2011)

Middle School Officials Present Pilot Program ( 9/16/11)

PBIS Kickoff Rally (2011)

ASFMS relfects on 9/11 (Kent County Times 2011)

ASFMS RtI: Arthur Lisi, Danny Smith, Gina Gateman, Lori LeBrun, & Nicole Hitchener present at RIASP Annual Conference (2011)

Real Life Fair at ASFMS (Kent County Times 2011)

Mrs. Mansour organizes pet food drive (Kent County Times 2011)

ASFMS Recognition Slideshow 2010-2011

ASFMS Students Presented to Incoming 5th Graders at Hopkins Hill (2011)

NJHS Awards Night (2011)

Letters About Literature Awards Ceremony (2011)

ASFMS Students Presented to the School Committee (2011)

Feinstein Middle School students get a lesson in fundraising (Coventry Courier)

ASFMS Read-a-Thon for Japan 2011 raises $9,319.11 (Flyer by Ms. Printer)

Middle School tours URI (Kent County Times)

Mr. Blanchette - Keynote Speaker at RI Geography Alliance 2011 (Conference Agenda)

April Friends' Day 2011 - S.A.V.E. Participates (

State winner of RI Letters About Literature and Semi-Finalist (RI Center for the Book)

ASFMS Goes to URI (

Coventry students learn valuable lesson in robotics (Kent County Times 1/29/11)

ASFMS Robotics Team at R.W.U. Challenge (Kent County Times 1/15/11)

RI educators take on bullies (Providence Journal 12/5/10)

ASFMS students compete for eInstruction Music Video Grant (eInstruction Inc.)

S.A.V.E. Third Eye Conference 2010 (

P.B.I.S. Kick Off Rally 2010 (Positive Behaviorial Interventions & Supports - Coordinator Nicole Hitchener)

Coventry students return to class (Kent County Times 9/1/10)

ASFMS Students Join Bio Blitz

ASFMS RI Scholar Athletes 2010

Students take a trip through history (Kent County Times 6/15/10)

6th Grade Civil War Demonstration Slideshow

ASFMS Recognition Video 2009-2010

Teacher helps kids S.A.V.E. the world (Kent County Times 5/29/10)

Middle schoolers all (green) thumb (Kent County Times 5/27/10)

Doodle for Google 2010 RI State Finalist - Alan L. (Ms. Celeste's Class)

ASFMS students take up challenge of Conimicut cleanup (Warwick Beacon 5/10/10)

A greener middle school (Kent County Times 4/30/10)

ASFMS stands out at conference (Kent County Times 4/27/10)

A new day for a new way (Kent County Times 4/22/10)

Cov. principal singled out for honor (Kent County Times 3/25/10)

Middle school earns $49K with reading (Kent County Times 2/18/10)

ASFMS Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser 2010

Bus helps life skills students achieve (Kent County Times 2/6/10)

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to them (Kent County Times 1/30/10)

Coventry kids do the robot (Kent County Times 1/15/10)

CHS higher-up moving to ASFMS (Kent County Times 1/18/10)

Bank manager helps 'Read to Feed' at Cov. middle school (Kent County Times 12/10/09)

Students go on reading spree (Kent County Times 11/27/09)

S.A.V.E. receives $3,000 donation from Randolf Savings Bank and the Peter T. Pastore Charitable Foundation

Violence is not the answer at middle school (Kent County Times 11/17/09)

S.A.V.E. Pledge Drive with Attorney General Patrick Lynch (Video - Fall 2009)

Globetrotting social studies teacher shows students world (Kent County Times 10/10/09)

Commissioner visits local schools (Kent County Times 10/6/09)

Students work to S.A.V.E. schools (Kent County Times 9/28/09)

Coventry names its top teacher (Kent County Times 9/21/09)

CHS gets familiar assistant principal (Kent County Times 9/22/09)

Students nervous, excited to be back (Kent County Times 9/1/09)

Schools at work to welcome town's redistricted students (Kent County Times 8/19/09)

ASFMS Recognition Video 2009-2010 (ASFMS)

Students align to spread message of hope (Kent County Times 6/9/09)

Big strides for robotics team (Kent County Times 5/22/09)

Cari Hopkins [Ms. Celeste's Art Class Student] Doodle for Google State Finalist! (May 2009)

S.A.V.E. Program Lauded Nationally (Kent County Times 5/11/09)

ASFMS Student's, Leah M., Poem Published in Magazine (Teen Ink Magazine May 2009)

ASFMS & District Schools Team Up to Tackle Autism (Kent County Times 5/1/09)

Student Showcase (Spring 2009)

ASFMS Students are Semi-Finalist for Letters About Literature (Spring 2009)

Color her tickled pink (Kent County Times 4/1/09)

Coventry schools come out above benchmarks (2/4/09)

ASFMS Kids do the Robot (Kent County Times 11/15/09)
[Click here: Slide Show & Video]

ASFMS Social Studies Department Geography Bee (1/13/09)

Robotics Team takes second in Team Spirit Award and Research Quality at Lego Competition (January 2009)

Students taking some extra steps (Kent County Times 12/18/08)

Sapphire Team Pull Off Pancake Breakfast at Applebee's (Kent County Times 11/8/08)

School comm. gets the good, the bad and the ugly from Coventry students (Kent County Times 11/7/08)

Middle School students share, learn, at 'Third Eye Training Conference (Kent County Times 11/3/08)

Student Council Presents to the Coventry School Committee (PowerPoint - 10/28/08)

Anthony Ferro: Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year 2008 (October 2008)

School dept. offers parents pointers (Kent County Times 10/8/08)

Coventry schools meet state standards (Kent County Times 8/22/08)

Coventry social studies teacher hopes his Korea visit will pay dividends for his students (Spring 2008)

Panthers Print: School Newspaper (Spring 2008)

ASFMS Recognition PowerPoint 2007-2008 School Year

Soaring above all (6/12/08)

Lafferriere stands tall on the mound (6/12/08)

Revenge tastes sweet for Falcons (6/12/08)

Robotics Team Competes in RIDOT Competition (5/9/08)

Student group SAVEs room for awards (Kent County Times 5/7/08)

Students Step Up (Coventry Courier 5/9/08)

Students Rap with Senator Raptakis [Video] (Kent County Times 4/12/08)

RI Center for the Book Semi-Finalists 2008 (RI Center for the Book)

Mr. Blanchette of S.A.V.E. wins Advisor of the Year (Youth Crime Watch of America 3/18/08)

S.A.V.E. wins Middle School of the Year (Youth Crime Watch of America 3/18/08)

S.A.V.E. wins Website of the Year (Youth Crime Watch of America 3/18/08)

Teachers, parents working to better curriculum (Kent County Times 1/28/08)

Coventry team wins at robotics meet (Kent County Times 1/22/08)

Coventry Robotics Team competes today (Kent County Times 1/12/08)
(Click here for the Slideshow)

Coventry eighth-graders put on a show (Kent County Times 12/8/07)

Venerable West Warwick graveyard Neglected no more (The Providence Journal 11/30/07)

Panthers Team Fundraiser Breakfast at Applebee's (Kent County Times 10/07)

FMS Pioneering New Program (Kent County Times 10/22/07)

ASFMS Soccer Team at Gillette Stadium (October 2007)

Feinstein Middle School makes debut (The Providence Journal 8/30/07)